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Foster a dog, save a life

We at Happier Tails Rescue are entirely foster based. That means that the more fosters we have, the more dogs we can save. We are always looking for new fosters to add to our rescue family, so read below to find out how you can help.

Foster with us

What it Means for You

Fostering for HTR means you get all the joy and love of being a dog owner with none of the expense.  HTR supplies everything your foster dog will need, from food, treats, toys, a leash, a collar, a bed and crates to any necessary vetting.

One of the biggest rewards of fostering is knowing that you played an instrumental part in saving a dog's life.  Whether you can foster for just a few days or are able to commit to foster until the pup finds  his/her forever home,  HTR and our foster dogs are eternally grateful.

Submit an Application

We would love for you to join our foster community. Submit the application using the link below and one of our HTR representatives will reach out to you shortly.

foster testimonials

The Mortensen Family

Jim & Jocelyn Salisbury

Jim & Jocelyn Salisbury


"Our family began fostering dogs in 2016 and since then, have found furever homes for 16 dogs. Working together on finding a home for our fosters has made our family grow closer and encouraged giving and empathy within us all. Fostering truly is a family affair and we feel so lucky to be in the business of saving dog's lives."

Jim & Jocelyn Salisbury

Jim & Jocelyn Salisbury

Jim & Jocelyn Salisbury


Having fostered over 100 dogs Jim & Jocelyn are fostering pros.  Here's what they have to say about fostering...

"Fostering a dog(s) is a win-win for all.

You and your home help a fearful dog feel safe and secure.You receive companionship from many different breeds of dogs. By giving attention and discipline, you help the dog become adoptable. When you exercise your foster, you get exercise, too. If your foster needs spaying or neutering, your home is a a good place to recuperate, and you experience the healing process. And if that isn't enough, this agency provides the food, toys, equipment, transportation, and pays any vet bills necessary for your furry friend."

Lauryn Burns

Jim & Jocelyn Salisbury

Lauryn Burns


In 2017, my family's hearts were broken when both of our beloved dogs crossed the rainbow bridge.  We weren't ready for a new furry family member, so we decided to distract ourselves and foster 5 poodle puppies who were rescued from neglect. The puppies were frightened of people, emaciated, weak and very dirty.  After two months of an abundance of love, food and vet visits, the puppies were healthy enough to be adopted. Bambina, Dolly, Thurston, Truman and Kit all found fantastic forever homes.  One of the best perks of fostering is being able to "foster fail" which is what I did with Thurston.  I knew from the beginning I couldn't let him go!  He filled a new place in my family's heart.  The poodle litter, now 2 years old, is thriving.   Through my foster experience, I have gained a new community of support with our mutual interest of animal welfare.  I am a proud foster mom and will continue to support rescue to help advocate and provide rehabilitation for helpless animals in need of a second chance.  Thurston rescued me and I can't imagine my life without him.