Happier Tails Rescue

happier tails rescue Inc. an all breed, all love rescue dogs for adoption

happier tails rescue Inc. an all breed, all love rescue dogs for adoption

happier tails rescue Inc. an all breed, all love rescue dogs for adoptionhappier tails rescue Inc. an all breed, all love rescue dogs for adoption

our board

Kim Whiting- President


 All my life I have been involved in rescuing dogs.

I started rescuing dogs about 25 years ago when I found strays at my job in LA.  I took them home, vetted them and then “adopted” them out to my friends and family (free of charge, of course!) I took off time to raise my two boys, but as soon as my youngest son was old enough, we volunteered together on weekends at local adoption events. Colson definitely has his mom’s love for animals and he quickly became my rescue partner in crime!

I have spent the last four years helping run a rescue and I loved every minute of it. But my heart told me that I needed to start my own rescue. I couldn't be more excited that my dream is finally coming to fruition.

I have three dogs of my own; Trona was adopted from a shelter and my boys Leo and Zeus are foster fails. Over the years, we have fostered too many dogs to count (and I thank my husband for allowing me to do so!) I love all dogs, but pitties and dobermans hold a special place in my heart. 

I love that my boys have grown up around dogs and I feel that they are more compassionate human beings because of it. I can truly say that my family is better for fostering dogs.

Thank you for visiting Happier Tails Rescue, where wagging tails and wet rescue kisses are always welcome.

Layla R.(Leah) Vice President


I started independently rescuing animals 15 years ago. From dogs, to cats, to hamsters, to birds... I love them all! I have volunteered with other rescues, as a foster and administrative team member. I have also served as a board member for another non-profit rescue. I currently have two dogs and three cats! Lexi is a 3 year old poodle, who was rejected by a breeder due to congenital defects. Trixie, aka The Tiny Toots, is an 8 year old terrier/chi mix who I rescued as a newborn puppy. Rocky is a 10 year old Siamese mix cat that I adopted from L.A. Shelter. Spades is a 12 year old black, and very talkative cat that I adopted from West Valley Shelter. Roman is a 1 year old black Maine Coon/shorthair mix that I adopted from Lancaster Shelter. My pets are my loves, my sanity, my kids and my life!

I have fostered so many dogs throughout the years, there's no way I can keep track. I love all breeds, but I'm a huge fan of the Terrier Chihuahua mixes. I am experienced with pregnant dogs, birthing and raising puppies from birth. Dogs are my life! I can't imagine not having pets, or being involved in helping them in some way. 

Dogs are miracles with paws! Please consider opening your home and heart to a tiny miracle that needs you. 

Welcome to our rescue family!

Keri Craft- Treasurer


 I have been involved with animals for several years! My animals are part of my family. They are included in my daily life, I love talking to them and they are indeed, well-loved. With Happier Tails Rescue, I welcome the opportunity to help dogs that are not so fortunate to find homes of their own. 

I worked for several years as an animal control officer, for the County of Orange. There, I saw firsthand the depth of animals needing rescue. My first adoption from there was a little toothless senior Shih-Tzu, who I named Sissy. 

On the way home from the shelter, she sat in the front seat and licked my hand. From there on out, we both knew that we were going to make a difference in each other's lives.  And so it began, my love for animals and how they loved me right back!  

I currently have 4 dogs, 15 chickens, 2 goats, 3 ponies, 1 horse, 1 turtle and 1 cat. All of my animals have been rescues.

   I am truly honored to be part of Happier Tails Rescue. 


members of the team

Colson Whiting Transportation Coordinator


 I feel like I have been in the rescue world all my life. I remember growing up, my mom would bring home stray dogs for us to find homes for. Our home was never without a new dog here or there, exploring its new surroundings.

Once I got old enough, I would help my mom out at rescue adoption events. That was really where I developed my passion for helping dogs. I loved sitting in the pens and playing with all the different dogs. As I got older, I realized I enjoyed speaking with potential adopters and really had a knack for matching the right dog with their new families. While my mom helped run the other rescue, I was her copilot to many events and transports. It’s only fitting that I be the Transportation Coordinator for Happier Tails Rescue.

I love all my dogs, but Zeus is my favorite (don’t tell Trona or Leo). Zeus is my boy. We love to play lacrosse together & he sleeps in my room every night. I secretly think I may be the reason he was a “foster fail”

Leo - Treat Tester


I love treats, that is all.....

Meghan and Allie Mortensen PR Team


Meghan and Allie  got involved through rescue when they adopted their third dog, Mara Jade, from the San Bernardino Shelter. They saw her cowering under her cot and knew that they needed to keep helping dogs in the shelters. 

Allie, Meghan and the rest of their family have fostered 16 dogs from five-pound, tan chihuahuas to eighty pound labradoodles. Allie's favorite dogs to foster are seniors and all black dogs, but Meghan loves pitties. 

Allie and Meghan have three dogs of their own. Darth Vader is a German Shepherd/rottweiler mix, Princess Leia is a lab/beagle mix and Mara Jade is a Rhodesian Ridgeback/lab mix. They were all rescued  from different shelters and they all play a special part in her life. 

Allie is so excited to work with HTR and continue to grow in  dog rescue work!